Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sequin Storage

A new way to store ALL of my sequins.  I had a system before but it didn't hold all the sequins that I had in my collection.  Here is the other container that I used for sequins.  This new little beauty has room for every one of my sequins.  This is an organization idea compliments of Jennifer McGuire.  I ordered the storage container on Amazon and I LOVE it!  

  • 13.75 inch by 10.5 inch by 2 inch size
  • Storage Box has a Clear Lid
  • Storage Boxes are Stackable 
I used my PTouch label maker for each container of sequins so that if I need to buy them again I know where they came from.  Some of the packets of sequins from Amuse Studio required more than one container as there were too many to fit.  There are 78 containers so I had plenty of room.  I guess I better get to making shaker cards to use some of these pretty sequins!  

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