Friday, December 16, 2016

Stamp Organization

I did this huge project a while back that I wanted to share with you.  I used to just have an Amuse Studio stamp binder and now ALL my stamp images are in these books.  I can tell you I have already used this handy reference so many times when I'm working on a project.  It is useful when you need the right sentiment or if I am searching for a particular image.  So many of my stamps are in sets now and it is nearly impossible to remember everything that I have in my collection and more importantly where to find it.  This system is working very well for me.  

I used the basic office supply binders with the clear plastic sleeve in the front.  I found patterned paper in my stash and decorated them to look pretty.  For my Amuse Studio stamps I was able to take the DVD cases & pull out the art sleeves and photocopy them.  I also included a note if I have the matching dies to accompany the stamp set.  All the copies I made went into sheet protectors in the binders.  

I still have several drawers with wood mount stamps so this seemed to be the best solution.  I took photos of what was in each drawer.  These stamps are already in categories in the drawer but I also wrote on the page what drawer number so they are easy to find.  

Most of the stamp sets that you purchase now-a-days you can easily find art work on the internet.  I cut and pasted the images into a Word Document and then printed them out to put in the binder.  I made dividers to label different categories and then used repositionable white tabs so that I can move things around if needed.  This system is working great for me and before I take anything new into my stamp studio I make sure that I have a picture of it for the binder!  It took me a while to complete this organization project but I can tell you that this is a great tool!

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