Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Halloween Scrapbook

Last year I put together a Halloween Pocket Page Mini Scrapbook using the Amuse Studio 4x6 album.  I am not normally that excited about scrapbooking and I have to admit it is out of my comfort zone.  However, I had so much fun making this album.  I think it was partly because I love Halloween and Fall so the theme was appealing to me plus the page size is small so you aren't overwhelmed with filling a big page.  The Album comes with an assortment of twelve pocket pages, as well as eight journal pages.  I chose the Onyx color album but we also carry Cherry, Mermaid, Bubblegum, Papaya and Navy.  


  1. Wowza! It's great and I can't believe I did not see this when I was visiting! Love it and what a fun scrapbook!

  2. Your layouts are gorgeous! So creative and fun!!!


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