Monday, July 18, 2016

2 weeks of FUN!

So happy to have spent the last couple of weeks with my sis-in-law, Laura.  I flew to Ohio on July 5th and then took a road trip with her & Sylvia to the Amuse Studio National Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  We spent the weekend with other Amuse Studio Consultants from around the country.  It was a fun filled few days!  

Then we drove back to Cincinnati, I spent a few days in Ohio and then Laura & I made our next road trip to Des Moines.  Laura was able to spend the rest of the week with me here.  We had fun running around the town while she was here and even took in a class with Taylor from Taylored Expressions.  

Thank you Laura for visiting and for driving me back to Des Moines - you are the BEST!  I'm glad that you made it home safely!

Sylvia & Laura - lunch in Pigeon Forge with these two ladies!

Amuse Studio National Conference & Creative Escape!

A very fun card class with Taylor at Taylored Expressions!  
Here we are in the classroom with Taylor making our birthday cards.  

     Our Hello Happiness birthday cards we made in class.  

Spending some time in the stamp studio!  Laura making her Peerless Watercolor chart!  She didn't know that I took this picture and she was very serious about her work!


  1. Oh my Gosh Melissa...these are great! I had so much fun with you the last couple of weeks! I loved the Taylor Class and of course our Amuse Studio Conference with you and Sylvia! Thank you so much for all your hospitality!!


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