Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hello to Flamingos!

Flamingos are a fun trend we're seeing everywhere right now.  The Amuse Studio Be Yourself flamingo stamp set is designed so that you will stamp the body, wing, beak, eye and texturing separately.  This sounds like a lot of extra work but it's not and will give you fantastic results.  There are lots of nature elements included with this set and 5 perfect sentiments. 
This Be Yourself set includes 20 stamps with a matching die set available. 
            Be Yourself  SVSH117 | $21.99
            Matching Dies (set of 11) TAD0246 $23.99


  1. What inks did you use for this card? (No one is youer than you). It's adorable!!!

  2. Grapefruit, Apple, Wasabi, Onyx Versafine


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